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Wendell Shannon is a Baltimore native, writer, author, and publisher. Over the last two decades, he has worked vigorously as both author and publisher telling Baltimore’s stories. A proud product of Baltimore City Public Schools, Mr. Shannon has been passionate about the written words since elementary school and continuing after graduating from Southwestern Senior High School. He earned his Associate in Arts Degree from Essex Community College in 1995 while in prison. After release, he obtained his Bachelor’ of Science Degree in Applied Psychology from Coppin State University in 2009. 


Upon release, in 2003, Mr. Shannon formed his publishing company naming it Go Daddy Productions (GDP). Under GDP, he published a full line of greeting cards that speaks to his cultural community.


Around the same time Urban Fiction genre was gaining new audience attention, he released and published For the Love of Fast Money in 2004. His sequel, Business As Usual, followed in 2005. He took the opportunity to publish The Wolf Trap, a novel written by Dennis Wise in 2006. His last adult novel, Amina’s Trouble, was released in 2016.


In addition to his previous adult genre of book writing, Mr. Shannon has engaged a new audience by writing children’s books. The formulation of The Young Entrepreneurs was to reach his children and teach messages that will help them grow as they see themselves in beauty. Its purpose was to create unity while teaching money management and investment in themselves. Financial education is taught using the seven principles of Kwanzaa as a basis for personal and group development.


He has co-authored children’s books in partnership with his children using his grandchildren as subjects during the pandemic. This joint venture has led to a YouTube Channel that promotes education and fun learning. Older children are encouraged as well to get firsthand experience through our “What I Want To Be” series. We partner with creative entrepreneurs who share their special talents in the business. It features small business owners and industry professionals who enjoy sharing insight into the advantages of loving what you do and owning your own business.


His inspired writings continued over the years to cover more complex story issues that impact his cultural community. Mr. Shannon’s new, unpublished works include delving into the painful story of enslavement. His soon-to-be-released installments in the Preacher Series are as follows: Preacher’s Broken Promise, Preacher’s Deceit, and Pastor’s Broken Heart. He is currently working on the final installment called The Forgotten Journey.


Most recently, Mr. Shannon has produced and directed an upcoming, two-part, documentary film titled, “The Dennis Wise Story: If I Should Die.” 



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